Monday, October 26, 2009

First Major Grant to Fund Laboratory Research Received by Gainesville State College

Gainesville State College (GSC) Awarded a $201,070 Grant from National Science Foundation

Gainesville, GA., September 17, 2009

The grant titled “Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI): Characterization of the Manganese Centers of Oxalate Oxidase from Ceriporipsis subvermispora, will integrate the excitement of laboratory-based scientific discovery into undergraduate education at GSC.

The grant is under the direction of Dr. Ellen Moomaw, GSC Assistant Professor of Chemistry and will advance the understanding of the relationship between protein structure and function while promoting teaching, learning, and training at GSC.

“This is the first major grant to fund laboratory research that GSC has received, and it brings GSC into a new relationship with the NSF,” said Moomaw, who has an extensive background as a research chemist. Moomaw worked in the private sector before returning to earn her PhD from the University of Florida and entering the teaching field.

The grant will provide funding over the next three years to study manganese centers of the enzyme oxalate oxidase. The grant funds will provide for supplies and several pieces of advanced instrumentation. Additionally, three to four GSC students will take part in research internships during each semester (including summer) of the next three years.

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